pixel car racer tunes

Pixel Car Racer Tunes

Pixel Car racer is an excellent game that completely changes its scenario when you have perfect tuned cars. In various forums, many players have issues in tuning their vehicle to get the best of it. Also, it is a challenging matter for beginners.  Therefore we have decided to explain the necessary Pixel car Racer Tuning.

Why is Pixel Car Racer Tuning Required?

In Pixel Car racing the primary objective is to win tournaments and to do so you need to have the best cars. So what if all people are competing for the race with the best cars? There comes the upgradation of Cars. The Car which contains more upgrade of parts will win. Now if I say what will happen if all are having the highest update? What will be the factor for determining the race winner?

In drag racing, there is not much variation in the gameplay, and most players know how to play it. Here comes the part of tuning your Car to get the best of it. How fast your Car will be is determined through proper Tuning of your gearbox.

In quarter-mile racing and amateur mode, the Tuning affects more, and you aim to achieve a time of close to six seconds. If you see the leader board, you will find that the top player has the best time close to six or less than it. Through proper Tuning, you can achieve an adequate acceleration and high speed of your Car.

How Does The Gear Mechanism Work?

In fully upgraded cars the gear mechanism is controlled through six gears, and they determine the final drive of your vehicle. These gears have a maximum capacity to spin and that maximum capacity need to be achieved at the shortest time.

Every gear has a maximum speed, and it cannot go beyond that. You need to shift to the next gear for getting the final drive enhanced.

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Tuning is essential to get a better final drive, and you need to fine-tune your 1-6 gears shifting time so that you achieve a higher final drive.

What is Dyno Runs in Pixel Car Racing?

In Pixel Car racing there is an excellent mechanism of ascertaining the best gear shift of your Car. In the dyno graph, you can determine the peak horsepower and torque that can be achieved through your current update.

Go to the garage and start a dyno run. Through the test, you will get the peak HP, Peak Torque and the RPM at which it is achieved. Take note of that RPM.

The RPM at which the Car achieve the maximum power is the shifting point for your vehicle. You can obtain a perfect shifting in this RPM, you can improve your maximum speed, and in turn, your probability of winning is more.

How to Get Perfect Gear Ratio?

The first warning for gear ratio is not to play with it unless you read this complete article. If you do not have the fastest car, you can keep the Pixel Car racing tuning at its default.

Some of the best players have suggested to tweak the gear ratio and get the best Tuning. It would be best if you believed that there is no perfect gear ratio for all the races. The gear ratio tuning is different for different ¼-1/2-1 mile races.

Through Tuning, you set the shift time of your gear through the bar and to determine that you must keep in mind about the best RPM you have got from the Dyno test. Your objective is to adjust the shift time and achieve the RPM in which your Car is best.

Final Words

To mess with gear arrangement without knowing it is not advisable and you must memorise all pips of the Pixel racer tuning guide. The best tip of Tuning can be obtained through the race you participate. Achieve your best Tuning and play in the track. When you are able to minimise your time, you can say that the Tuning is better than your earlier one.