pixel car racer beginners guide

Pixel Car Racer is a retro-style arcade racer that has taken the gaming world by storm. It is a freemium game that you can download from your on-device app store to get started. First of all, you should learn how to build your dream garage and customize cars.

Many cars are out there, and you can choose the one to take your ride to the streets and race your way to the top. The game also features many game modes that help players to get new experiences.

Well, the game also offers many unique and advanced features that you can’t find in any other racing game. RPG style tuning of the game will help you to have the ultimate gaming experience. Understand different aspects of the game and then head over to the real gameplay to test your skills.

While playing this game, you can work with a ton of cars as well as 1000 car parts. The two most popular modes of this game are – Drag and Street. It is also crucial for beginners to focus on the gameplay along with in-game currencies.

Make sure you are playing the game in a good manner and trying to win races for claiming rewards. If you are new to this game, then you need to be familiar with the types of modes and the car customization features.We also have a great article on pixel car racer cheats which will elaborate the process of how to earn unlimited free diamonds and cash in the pixel car racer.

After knowing these features, you can play the game perfectly and reach the advanced stages in no time. Players should learn how to win races and collect cars. After knowing all about the aspects, you can play the game in a better way. Try to perform better in order to win races.

By implementing some essential tips and tricks, you can beat the game. You should also make improvements to cars in order to make them more competitive. In the below post, we are going to mention the detailed information about the game in order to help beginners.

  1. Claim Free Cash

It is not only important to play the game perfectly, but you should also gain enough currencies. As you know, cash has great importance in the game, and you shouldn’t ignore it. Well, cash is required for numerous purposes, including the purchase of cars and upgrades.

Earning cash in this game is not a piece of cake, and that’s why you don’t need to face troubles. You should check the in-app store from time to time in order to claim your rewards. Players will be rewarded with cash after winning the races.

They can also earn cash by watching online videos. After acquiring cash, you can easily buy the desired cars and also upgrade the existing cars.

  1. Know About The Game Modes

As you read earlier in the above post, there are two primary modes available to choose from. You should know everything about these game modes to get started. You can choose drag racing or street racing as per your desire.

The drag mode is simple, where you can drive in a straight path like an average real-life drag race. You can easily take part in this mode and take on challenges to win. On the other hand, the street mode is a little bit difficult where you will have to change lanes and avoid cars.

In this mode, you also need to tilt your device left or right. Avoid hitting other cars as it will cause you to lose speed.

  1. Earn And Upgrade Stat Points

First of all, you should earn statistical points and then you can use them as per your desire. You shouldn’t forget to upgrade your stat points as it can help players to earn more experience and cash per race. All you need to do is to improve your XP in order to level up faster and earn a good amount of cash.

You can also make upgrades to cash, but you should give preference to experience instead of anything else. You should always take this tip into consideration in order to make the most out of the game.

  1. Shop For Cars

If you are crazy about playing this car racing game, then you need to buy the top best cars to have an ultimate collection. You can buy cars in many ways, but you should consider the option of a dealership. In the dealership, you can check out various types of cars that you can buy.

You can also read the detailed information about these cars to know how good these cars are. Pay attention to several factors, including speed, power, grip, and weight of the car. You should always try to buy the best and most versatile car that you can afford with ease.

  1. Learn How To Do a Burnout

In order to win races, players should implement the effective tips and tricks provided by experts. Players should learn how to do a burnout and follow the essential tips. As you know, doing burnouts is really difficult, and it is also an important skill.

In order to do a good burnout in the game, you need to be patient and do practice on a regular basis. Keep playing the game, and it will help to improve your skills and performance. In this way, you can also perform better in the game to have n ultimate gaming experience.

  1. Log in With Facebook

Earning in-game currencies is not really difficult due to the plenty of options provided by developers. Make sure you have checked all the methods of earning currencies before going to start acquiring funds. You should always sign up for the game with Facebook to get several benefits.

It will help you to get an option to play with your friends. In addition to this, you will be rewarded with many rewards.

After taking all the above-mentioned tips and tricks into consideration, you can play the game smoothly. And it will also help to brighten up your winning chances. Make sure you are customizing your cars in order to make them look amazing. In this way, you can get unlimited fun and enjoyment.